Skechers... the third time!

Sunday, November 04, 2018

I have quite a number of running shoes but the one that I always use is from Skechers especially the 'GoRun' edition.
I bought my first 'GoRun 3' in 2013. I run more than 300KM in it. It has loose all the grip and all but it is still good to wear. I use it for gym now and then.

In 2014, I bought a new one, GoRun 4'. This too I logged more than 200KM. I can tell GoRun 3 is a better choice after all these years. It is one of the lightest GoRun edition.

I thought I won't buy from Skechers but this year.... I bought 'GoRun 6'. To my excitement, I really like it. VERY. I only had 3 runs but it is performing very well. Lightweight, firmly fit on foot, strikingly good-looking, mid-sole experience is the winner here. I can't wait to run in it next time. Oh, this time... I run with my wife :) Run!

2018... I'm married to Z.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Assalamualaikum and Hi,

Alhamdulillah, I am officially married to the love of my life. We've been friends since July 2011, into a serious relationship on 18th December 2015, engagement on 29th June 2018 and officially tie a knot on 31st August 2018.

Today marks our 58th days since we married. I am forever grateful. 

Allah knows best. He is the best planner of all.

I Love You, Zahirah Taqiah.

Alhamdulillah... I am a Muslim

Friday, May 25, 2018

I converted to Islam on my freewill two weeks ago. Many people would ask, what is my main reason to be converted to Islam? I always knew when I was a kid I will convert to Islam one day.

I grew up in a diverse society (Islam, Christian, Buddha, Hindu, Freethinker, Atheist and etc) where everyone lives in harmony. My mom is a Christian. My father is a freethinker. They sent me to Ugama School when I was 8 years old. I didn’t know what is the reason they send me but I guess they want me to learn about Islam, more or less teaching me to become a better person.

I read the bible and went to churches every Sunday with my mom when I was a kid. I can say… I have experience both religions in my life. I know there are times when I asked myself, which religion will I choose eventually? My parents never force me or my siblings convert to any religions. They want us to go and seek ourselves and convert on our freewill. 

I didn’t finish Ugama School and dropped out on final year but I did learn many things on Islam. I have many great non-muslim friends and we did many crazy things together but in the end of the day, whenever I have the time to think back of the things we did… The enjoyment is temporary. I still finding myself in circle without a purpose and thinking there is a better way where I can be rewarded in the afterlife. 

This is where Islam teaches me over the years. I keep coming back and seek for Allah whenever I remember Him during my sadness and happiness. I always pray to Him that He can guides me to become a better person. Finally, that day came and I said my own Shahada in front of my beloved family, cousins and girlfriend. 

‘There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah"

Alhamdulillah… I am a Muslim.
Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar Subhanallah

Patience... is a virtue

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

What do you know about patience? According to Google, Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

We all have patience instilled within us. Each and every one of us have a different level of patience. We have tolerance level that we have set and keep building it from time to time. A good example of patience is… raising kids. I cannot imagined how my parents have high patience towards us since we were born.

Among the siblings, I was a bad-ass child and put my parents into panic mode and get to their nerves more often. I had few stitches at the shoulder joint due to a big fall from the stairs and hit the machete. I walked the burning coals which was left on the ground unattended after my grandfather finished BBQ and in return, my feet cut opened by the doctor to remove the blood clot and prevent it from any infection. I had a bad bicycle accident, cuts and bruises on my hands and knee, blood flowing the whole leg. My left arm broken twice. Can you imagine how my parents react to it?

Every parents want the best for their kids. Education, foods, health and well being. I can’t thank them enough for providing me the best they could. Life is not easier. I’m grateful. I’m grateful they have high tolerance towards us.

What about patience with your partner? Your best friends? Your colleagues at work? We have set patience level accordingly without you even realizing it. It was not built yesterday. It is ever evolving.

Image result for patience quotesPatience is God’s greatest gift to us fellow human. So do LOVE. In life, you may experience ups and downs. Over and over again. If you don’t have patience, you will not see what God has plan for you.


Patience is a virtue.

Forever grateful...

Sunday, February 04, 2018

Hello 2018!

2017 has been a great year. I travelled a lot. A totaled of seven trips around ASEAN countries, an achievement for myself too. Travelling has been a part of me since I started working. I crave to fly high be it near or far as long as I can board the airplane and fly! 

A few of my trips really opens my eyes and to look life at different views. The first of my memorable trip was a solo trip to Boracay during my 25th birthday. Some people jokes about being 25 and relate it to quarter life crisis. LOL. Don’t take it seriously. They don’t know what you have been through in life. You know yourself better than anyone.

I was in Boracay for a good four days. Most of my time there filled with activities (snokerling, beaches, island hoppings, club hoppings and etc) but every night I sit at the same spot looking at the beach. Hearing the soothing sea waves. Staring at billions of stars. I cried inside. I’m grateful.

I asked the same question to myself whenever I was at my lowest point. Isn’t life is interesting?

I had a new hair cut by a barber today. We had a good chat and he said to me… you have a good life. I’m forever grateful.


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