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Life is constantly evolving

Yesterday marked my 6th year working in the company. How does it feel like? Honestly speaking it is one hell of a journey. I remember when I first joined, I was alone sitting on my desk and ice-breaking session with colleagues. Few weeks down the road, I already adapt with the environment and at that time I knew I made a wise decision to leave my former company.

Fast forward… I don’t realize time really flies. I know I’m not getting any younger but I do believe the youth in me is evergreen. I have gone through many phases of working environment and I’m proud I’m still here… surviving. If a new person joins and asks me how long I’ve been in the company and replied, most of them will not believe me.  I don’t know… is it my face? Or you can’t believe that I’m still young but have been working with the company for that long? Lol.

Whatever it is… I want to thank anyone who has been there for me though ups and downs especially to God. I believe He has many plans for us and it is up to us to take and execute it. There were many times I wanted to give up as I couldn’t take it anymore but I know He only tested me on the surface. I feel ashamed to complain because there are many unfortunate people out there and wish to be you or wanted the life give to you.

I’m grateful. I’m grateful that most of my dreams and goals are achieved but I wouldn’t settle now. I try to keep improving and be an expert in my area.

Why do I have to blog this in the middle of the night? Damn. Sleepy eyes!


Hey... what's up?

I am here at Alai's house waiting for the friday to pass. I am lazy to do anything today and would prefer just chill and see people at work. Talk and exchange ideas. Woops. Didn't they encourage to build relationships at work? Hoho. I can use that excuse *wink*

Friday is a blessing. I am counting day for  the vacation. 17 days to be exact. Many people have asked where i go this year. Relax. I haven't plan anything awesome this year but it's coming when you least expect it. Yup. Just.... wait for it. Oh, I'm going to Palawan! This place is in my wishlist to go since my solo trip to Boracay in 2011. Finally! See you there! ;)

I like travelling. It's a gateway for me to escape from hectic schedule, the endless drama and etc. This is the only time to explore and be yourself again.

Let's travel.

A good performance?

Today our company's performance factor is out and i couldn't  agree more of the outcome.  My first thought.. it will be much lower than last year but it turned out just a slight decimals change.

Company's performance is everyone businesses but what about your own performance? You are on your own. I have been in my lowest performance for the year ending 2013. Who would have thought that when you have performed constantly for the past 4 years and suddenly your performance dropped. BAM! What happened? I've questioned myself too. Then i don't really give a fuck about it after a week my boss told about it.

2014 proved to be one of the challenging  year and guess what my boss gave me for my appraisal? A good performance report. The highest after all these years. So... what happened? I've no idea.

Politics? Hmmm.... maybe? Nevermind. As long as i receive my paycheck and an increase in my salary. That's all what matters. Right?

God, thank you for this beautiful life and I'm grateful. 

P/s: even if your are rich or you owned things that many people can't  buy or have it... im sorry. Open your eyes. Many people don't  realize the most precious and expensive are our parents, friends and your health that money can't buy. Be grateful!

2015... Hey!

Last week I read an article by Mark Manson – The subtle art of not giving a fuck. Damn hilarious. I was reading it when I was in the middle of waiting for my tasks to complete. I was smiling like crazily in front of my screen hoping that my supervisor who is sitting next to me didn’t notice my look. I laughed. Then I forwarded to my awesome friends who I know will read and laugh at it. Two thumbs up!

Then, I look at my surrounding. I should know by now there are many unimportant things that I should not give a fuck. The endless drama. My neighbours’ cats.

Oh wait. I haven’t say happy new year!. HELLO 2015! :)

Damn. Why does it feel so far away from year 2000? That was a freaking 15 years ago. How life has changed so much in 15 years. Life even can change so much in a day. Trust me.

What’s in for 2015? I’m hoping I can TRAVEL a lot. I like to travel. There is no stopping me despite there were many major incidents regarding airlines especially Malaysia airlines and Air Asia. I love Air Asia and I will fly with Air Asia J I know some of my friends who are still freak out and don’t want to travel with Air Asia. Oh well! Statistically, your changes to get killed in a car accident are higher than plane crash. Burritos! (Where can I get burritos here?)

Let’s hope 2015 will be a better year for us! Remember… Life is full of surprises! Keep calm and smile :) 

A beautiful life in 2014!

Tomorrow will be the end of 2014. I'm going to miss it. It has been a great year for me. There are many ups and downs but I'm grateful that I still stay strong and survive. Thank you God!

This year... there are many events that I would like to mention:
- Had a good early hiking at Bukit Ambok to see sunrise. A beautiful sunrise!
- Had an awesome night party at Chin Yo's place with great friends.
- Graduated from LKW (Yay! I got my degree!)
- Visited to my homeland at Philippines with the whole family. I love Sibale island!
- Had my first euro trip! Visited 8 countries in a span of 3 weeks!
- I'm a certified PADI open water! 
- Went to DWP14 and experienced the first time Life in Color in South East Asia!
- Rekindle moment at Marriot Hotel Miri with the family. I miss the swimming pool when i was a kid!
- How's my running? 281km has been recorded via Sportypal. There are many sessions too that are not recorded when i run on treadmill. humph!

oh... I may have miss some... but who cares? This is my life. Thank you God for this beautiful life you have given to me so far! Blessed!

"Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams." -Ashley Smith

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