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I woke up late this morning coz i was too attached with my bed. I don't have any awesome plan to do today except my weekend jog session. I know my car is waiting for me to clean it but i would rather to see it dirty. yes! DIRTY! 

There are many things running in my mind right now. I'm a person who likes to think and set goals. As you grow up, you realise that your dreams and goals keep changing. When I was a kid, I dream to become a pilot. I played the flight simulator and when i was in form 2, the doctor said my vision was blurry. Pilot? Nah~~ 

Then, I was thinking to become a doctor! When i was in form 4, Biology is one of the awesome subject as with Chemistry and Physics. I downloaded the encyclopaedia in my pc to learn human body but as soon as i got my 'O' level result, I realised i didn't score very well. Depressed? Yes. I could see my parent disappointment. It was one of worst year in my life, as if that was not worst enough, my principle didn't want to sign my school leave form. He said that i was not qualify to apply form 6 with my grades. I couldn't agree more.

When i was in form 6... i determined to change. If i didn't change, i don't think i can reach to where i am right now. I transformed the negativity to challenges coz whatever you do in life, our mind is the biggest tool either to make you or destroy you. It depends on how you use it.

I have some goals/dreams for this year.... travelling as far as to Europe, learning to dive in an open water, hiking mount kinabalu and etc...


Sunday and raining...

So here I am... blogging from my s4 (yes, my phone) and on bed. I prefer not to move around. So lazy. But it will not be too long coz I know myself of being boring doing nothing productive especially during weekends.

I bought a new speakers for my room so I can dance and sing crazily like a mad cow. I use my tablet as an online radio device and listening to capital london. I miss the good old days when Capital FM still broadcast here.

Can't realize that we are reaching the end of February. I saw a friend posted in our WhatsApp group with a chinese calendar having 30th February. I was like... okayyyyy! We have 2 extra days in 2014! Hahahaha

I miss you. I miss you not. I miss you. I miss you not. God.. please guide me. I'm learning to love again...

Behind every song, there is an untold story...

Right now, i'm listening to  Say something by Christina Aguilera feat A Great Big World. The song is on repeat and i really like it. There is something with the song that caught my attention... maybe the melody. 

I believe behind every song there is an untold story where you can relate it to yourself especially your feelings. A person like me can't really express my real feeling and the only way i like to express it.. by listening to songs, post it in my Facebook or by writing part of the lyric and put it in my Instagram.

Music is my life.


Everyone has experience this. Conflict with your parents. Conflict with your siblings. Conflict with your friends. Conflict with your colleagues at work. Conflict with your boss.

I too caught in the same situation but mostly with my friends, even with my best friends. Conflict can be avoided. YES. It can be avoided BUT MOST of the time, it NEVER comes to a conclusion or can satisfy both parties. I don’t understand why people like to make it such a big deal of the small thing where they can focus on things that are of high priority. I don’t say we should overlook the small things but I prefer to focus based on priority.

I was thinking to go for a short getaway during this coming long weekend and I’ve told to my travel buddies about my plans. What they would expect and what to do there. I’ve given many options and agreed to follow the majority. I like to take WIN-WIN situation. After many discussions, I was annoyed due to the fact that some of them like to make fun of the place… Yes, WE can find most of the things can be done here in Brunei but I was offended when they compared islands are all the same. Points taken.

I am an island lover but when you actually go to the place. You will be surprise of how this island is different to other island. The culture, the type of transport, the local people, the foods, and activities offered… they are not the same.

I try to avoid conflicts as much as I can… I like to have a conversation without any provocation. That’s all.

Have you ever...

Have you ever like a person so much that you think the person is the one that you have been waiting...

Have you ever feel that you like the person so much that whatever the person is doing you want to know...

Have you ever find a person that annoys you everyday and yet put a smile on your face before you sleep?

I like that person. Period? Whatever. I like you.

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