Saturday, April 19, 2008

What happened to GPRS service provided by DST?!!! I don't get connected to the internet since yesterday patang... damn it!! I can't live without INTERNET!!! huhu *sigh* is it because DST want to upgrade their system and go to 3G? slow banar jua DST ani... B.Mobile yg cikit customers atu plg terdpt mcm2 services and up to date... 

I miss my chatters... i cant move, even to open my mouth last night *labih :P* 

Congratz to simon on his graduation yesterday... i heard that you work at JPMC.. gud2.. nice job, big money... aku?! blum lagi.. huhu...

Congratz to Suzi for her wedding this sunday... Thanks for the invitation... I will come if nada apa2 halangan... :) tdi urg dpt kaja... ani kwan ku kawin... aku?! blum lagi BLEH!! :P ahahahaha

How i wish to go back in the past~~ huhu... napa ni eh?! knapa kn ko?!! antah~ tabak saja tia bah... :) mayb bcoz of hormone? AHAHAHAHA i dont hav PMS!!!! AHAHAHA baie.. batah sudah ku inda curse urg since form 6... my mate ROXY ani th yg rock brabis smpai aku pun terikut2 curse urg ahaha... ok that was another topic... :P 

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