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Monday, May 05, 2008

I went to ICC this morning to attend the "Sambutan Jubli Emas Pakatan Sang Jati Dusun dan Adau Gayoh Sang Jati Dusun 2008". It was really spectacular show i must say... Im so proud to the participants because they really do their best... A little girl aged not more than 6 years old also participate to show her talent... SHE IS SO CUTEEE~~~ After that, i went to the other hall to see the BICT... I got a chance to talk with this lady... the conversation started as below:

The Lady: "Kita paham apa yg ada di sini?" *pointing on the big board that lay on the floor*
Me : "Awu... adalah cikit.. pasal durang punya qualification, work experiences and scale gaji"
The Lady: "Ah.. ngam dah tu..." *she smile*
The Lady: "Kita masih lagi study?"
Me : "Yup.. di ITB.."
The Lady: "Eh.. aku study di sna jua"
Me : "Iakah?" *I never seen her before di ITB*
The Lady: "Aku ECE department... ambil network engineering"
Me : "Owh.. course baru atu" *No wonder i never seen her*

The conversation went on plg lagi.. but im not into that :)

Then went to the other hall where 'Consumer expo' being held... Nyum2 eh... balik2 ku test their food... AHAHA

Congratz to SUZIELIANA on your weeding's today... Sorry i couldn't come tadi pagi... She was my x-classmate waktu kulah rendah... Sorry for everybody that contact me tdi pagi...huhu... Really happy to see both of you akhirnya ke jinjang pelamin... U guys know each other since secondary school... And now will live happyly together forever... :) Once again congratulation to "SUZIELIANA AND DEDDY HERMAN".

Participants from Kg Kiudang/Mongkom

The cute little girl at the center...

The new 'silver' costume...

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