Saturday, June 07, 2008

Updating tiz blogs thru hp, makes my life more easier =D the only drawback is that u cant upload any pic *sigh*

the weather has been raining non-stop from 5am to 9am.. I dun hav any umbrella in my car*damn* my jacket n trouser all wet by the time i reached ITB's lobby.. Jauh x ku blari 2.. Damn.. Dah 2 msuk d lobby dgn bsah2 and act mcm cool! Ahaha wth. Sejuk bh hari ani~

exam wil be ends soon for juniors... I also heard they hav an0ther 1 more test after the exam.. Gila... Nda apa 2.. Yg penting lpaz ani u guys wil be gone for 6 months coz SWE and away from assignments,tests and parking woes... =D

we sent the interim report sudah.. Ho0raay!

Then,headed to the 'secret room' wit others to celebrate surprise party for nuneh's b'day. Damit2 kmi nyanyi tdi sal urg exam d sblah room.. Hehe

There are many issues about the tobacco order in the opinion page in today's newspaper... They shud stop selling it! Or increase the price 50% more.. Ahaha even siti hawa and jit manis rise the issue in their article... I dun knw if free speech is practise here but ignatius sometimes writes sensitive issues,a taboo for us.. Anyone dare to cross the line?

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