Tuesday, July 01, 2008

I had my discussion with Qis for our CDC/CN assignments. We were at Nisah's house this morning. Gjul was there too. This is our 2nd day of a long one month holidays and I'm stuck with many assignments. *sigh* Relax~ take a deep breath~ maybe i can do 'yoga' or meditation... Some said it will reduce stress level, improve health and maintain your youthfulness.

I had finished watching the Japanese series that i had copied a few days ago from my cousin. The girl so kawaii~~ wish that girl to be my partner =D Japanese girls so kawaii~~ i like to see them in school uniform... They look kawaii and sexy that way exclude those who act 'bitchy' all the time. =D

I sent my sister for her tuition class at 5.30pm. Then, went to pantai seri kenangan. It is so peaceful and the scenery is so picturesque. I walked along the beach and saw 'belangkas' buried in the sand. I asked my brother to find a stick so that i can extract it. I took a few pictures and released it to the sea. I don't eat it.. but they said the eggs are so yummy~~ (=

hm... i got some difficulty to access the blogger home page... everytime i type the address on the address bar, i received 'errors' or 'this webpage cannot be display'. Or I got problem with my connection... but when i tried to surf other websites and chatting on MSN, it works well... hm... or it doesn't allow me to update this blog... okay... this will be my last post... har har har...

Ok.. then... bye... i need to watch 'The Big Bang Theory'. I got this from Nisah... At least i can watch something during the holidays. hehe

Pantai Seri Kenangan


Walla... "Drop me at once!"

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