Hostelite reunion at Pantai Seri Kenangan

Sunday, July 27, 2008

We had our hostelite reunion for 6th form student from 1st intake to the current intake... it was organized by Hussin at his 'rumah pantai' this afternoon... the function started at 2pm but i came there at 4pm. I came late due to the fact that 'janji melayu' still popular among us =P. Yes. By the time i came there, they just finished with the 'panggang' thingy. hehe.. lucky.

Some of them were not coming. Juen was there too. Eh.. panjang dah rambutnya time cuti ani AHAHAHA. We jump from one topic to another... about 'chicks'.. about cars... that's what guys always talk about. hehe. Rugget kreta mu Jazy! Damn! I wish i own a Nissan 350z right now~~ *sigh* anyway... it was fun... =D btw, sin, if ada lagi why not invite the girl hostelite~~ hehe... rindu ku kn kcau mereka~~ AHAHAHA

I remember some of my senior at hostel dlu ia suka ckap cmani "Kalau bapa ensem, mama lawa, anak grenti lawa/handsome" AHAHAHA agree? =P and this one is harsh "Eh urg kawin lagi boleh carai, apa lagi yg brgf saja" <-- this one is used during kn tackle awek2 yg lawa and yg sudah bercouple... AHAHAHA evil sungguh ya~~ =P

Sorry, no pictures~~~ Will copy it from them nanti hehe...

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