Lepak at 1am

Thursday, July 03, 2008

I was chatting all night long... I couldn't sleep early during the holidays. I want to enjoy each seconds. At 1am, i received a message from Chin. He said that some of our friends coming to his house. I thought he was just making a joke or DST is lagging to send his SMS. I replied his SMS just to make sure that we were on the right track. A few seconds later, i received another message. More convincing. I grabbed the key and went to Chin's house.

Though, it was late for 'lepak-lepak' but it didn't stop us to have fun. The road was dark and no single car had passed. It was peaceful. I accelerated the car and reached Chin's house in 10 minutes. Fir opened the door. We chat a few minutes outside the house to feel the early morning wind. I walked in and met nazmi and milin. Chin was buzy at the kitchen. He fried a few sausages and chips. Then, Fir offered me coffee. Ok... just what i needed. Caffeine.

Then, we went to the living room where Milin was watching the sickening movie of all. "Hostel part II". We were screaming like hell coz the movie was TOO VIOLENT. yes. TOO VIOLENT. They were psychopath. Then, we karaoke-ing for about an hour. Then continued with another movie. We watched 'Incredible Hulk'.

At 4:30am, we went home. Still early for me. Or because of the caffeine. The record for our 'lepak' time was going back home at 10am in the morning. That was 2 years ago when we 'lepak' at Fir's homie.

Well... that just us... we love to chill... =D ok then... use the holidays to the MAX.

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