Interview with Qis and Nisah

Thursday, August 28, 2008

OK.. here's the interview..

ME: Cats?
Qis: My cats are trained to feed me.
Nisah: My cat wears bra and underwear.

ME: Your fav. car?
Qis: (refer to Nisah's answer) but in 'PINK'.
Nisah: Bob will buy me a Nissan 350z in 'GOLD' when he's rich!

ME: What are you doing right now?
Qis: I'm also looking at it.
Nisah: Looking at Nazmi Leslie Yong's foto~~

ME: Who's your fav. actor and why?
Qis: Ben Barnes and Chace Crawford.. They are handsome...
Nisah: Jonny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt and Penn Badgley... Penn Badgley because he's so SWEET.. I wish i can have a guy like him =( *sigh*

ME: Who's your fav. actress and why?
Qis: Alicia Silverstone, Leighton meester... Pretty and HOT... a bit 'bitchy' and naughty..
Nisah: Jennifer Aniston, America Ferrera, Veanissa Williams, Rebecca Romijn, and Eva Longoria Parker... Pasal durang lawa.. apa tah lagi...

ME: Assignments?
Qis: Urrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... no comment... buat saja tia...
Nisah: UUUUUUURRRRRGGGHHHHHH.... untuk mengisi masa lapang kami...

ME: What's your motto?
Qis: Maju lah sukan untuk negara pasal Brunei inda ikut Olympic...Banyak kan tia org2 fit di brunei ani...
Nisah: Bunuh diri... Mun inda bunuh urg... Agi idup agi ngalawan..

ME: What the first thing you say when you get angry?
Qis: EH PALUUI~~~ *sambil lidah macam menjulur*
Nisah: Bob, KO TU PUNYA PASAL! Bob punya salah tu!!!

ME: List down your sarcastic phrases
Qis: OH.. IAWAH? Mcm si BANAR~~~
Nisah: Duhh~~ dui~~~ yeah~~ right~~~ sure~~~

ME: What advise would you give to PO in Kung Fu Panda?
Qis: Minumlah slimming tea.. yg buat beria atu.. AHAHAHA
Nisah: Exercise tah..ada jua panda yg kurus2 di dunia ani...

P/S: Adakh si Dirah balik awal~~~ JELES KO NI~~ AHAHAHAHAHAHA

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