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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

err... ignore the title anyway.. it does not has any relation to do with this post.. I've run out of the idea when choosing the title... so for today's title... AVIXE... it's my mouse's name =) so smooth... black in color and uses the optical light... it also has been tested with FCC Standards and FOR HOME OR OFFICE USE ONLY... last but not least, it is MADE FROM CHINA... =D

For the past few weeks, it had been so hectic and all of my schedule was in total mess... I only know that we have so many assignments and tests coming up... I guess i'm not good in time management... I do have a planner but i only open it once in a while... the only dates i keep track on that book are my friends' b'day but still i forgot to wish them on their b'day =( and TODAY.... My sister is coming to 23rd b'day... HAPPY B'DAY TO YOU~ HAPPY B'DAY TO YOU~ HAPPY B'DAY TO YOU SIS!!! YOU HAVE TO TREAT ME!!!! AHAHAHAHA i will wait till the end of this month, don't worry =)


Eh wait... i just realized that i use too many emoticons here =P I'm so so so in a happy state... I don't know why... Or because i'm an easy going person and happy all the time... duh~~ mcm si banar ko ah... AHAHAHA but yeah... i don't express my feelings when i was down... =D why making your life so miserable? there are many things that can make you happy... if you like to go shopping, then go for it... if you like to watch movies, watch it... if you like to punch someone face, go to the arcade at the mall and play Dragon Punch... if you like to have a drink and spend time with friends, go to Ahan Thai... see.. there are many things you can do...

I am more into fb-ing this time... i know... i know... terLAMBAT~~~ AHAHAHAHA I signed up on it last year but was not familiar with all the features and applications thingy and last2, deactivate the account... then last month, activated it again... added more friends and applications... im getting familiar with it... then then walla!!! the new fb-ing came in last sunday...the heck???!!! It's like i have to learn and familiar with it AGAIN... let's see how far i can do it before deactivate it AGAIN AHAHAHA... =P

I had a chance to play chess this afternoon with my mates... it was so damn difficult to play since i had to remember all the moves... i know how to play but i don't have any strategy.. i'm a novice =) i got win over wan coz she had mistakenly move her piece and lost to gjul damit... =) nanti2 tah ku blajar gi... AHAHAHAHA

oh btw... do you guys know how to play rubik's cube??? AKU MAU BLAJAR!!!!! AHAHAHA It's like a trend among teenagers nowadays.. mcm siuk ku liat drg main... bah eh.. udah tah ku... till then.... da~~~ =P


  1. wah bob, senang bangat aku liat ko masih blogging..hehe, igt hilang sudah kawan bloging aku neh..bagus2..ko bela tikus?

  2. AHAHAHA ok tu... tikus? aku tak bela... aku ada tetikus je.. AHAHA



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