Friday, September 12, 2008

*Yawn* oh how dull...

What will happens when humans can only see two colors i.e black and white? It means you don't have a life... You just want it to be just the way it is but some aren't. They want to live life to the fullest.. Life is too short than that you can imagined.. I'm too alergic to someone who always complaining and blame others on watsoever. Or should i say 'you are like a pain in the ass'.. Relax.. Im not angry to anyone.. That phrase just comes to my mind just now... I rather to be silence when to deal with this type of people.. They won't stop complaining... Oh come on.. Give me a break... Your life is way too much better than the one that live in poorest country like ethopia.. You are lucky to be well feed and dress pretty.. Look at the children in africa.. They are so skinny and yet they strive to survive.. Famine,war,diseases.. They have to face it... Aren't u lucky enough? Shouldn't you be grateful? I am...

I think that's all for now... =D

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