bOguS's Open House

Monday, October 20, 2008

Last Saturday's night we were having bOguS's open house at bOguS jUdE a.k.a Pjul... hehe.. it was fun though... The foods were great and made by themselves... OMG!! You guys ROCKKKK!!! Mcm tak caya pulak saya yg mereka sediakan all the foods.... The cocktail was great!! I ate two times!! WOHOHO... JGN KAMBANG~~~ =P JGN LUPA TIME TNI LEPAK2 NANTI BUATKN LAGEE AHH~~~ AHAHAHA I was planning to go home at 9pm but then ADA URG NDA SURUH BALIK AWAL~~~ AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yup bek jua inda ku blik awal.. mun inda, nahe ku ampit toh kek coklet arrrr~~~ AHAHAHA and and dpat bergambar ramai with our friends... =D It was fun and some of them i didn't meet for ages... like 3 years?? aha.. nda plg batah =P pling cali drg ceta sal drg dulu2 d kulah menengah~~~ PACAH PACAH~~ AHAHAHAHA really really missed the old time *wink*

Ok... See you guys again next year.. AHAHAHA.. Selamat Hari Raya... =D

(Picture taken from mumui's fb =D)

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