SDP, Presentation and Exam..

Friday, October 31, 2008

Oh craps! The 3 events are going to take place in N0VEMBER... The SDP (final year project) will be handed on 10/11 and the next day,we will have presentation till 13/10?Correction? And the next BIG thing which is the EXAM will be on 20/11 till 29/11... I'm really really not ready for all of this.. And same goes to my batch... We were having sleepless nights for the whole month just to type few thousands lines of code and it's really irritating my eyes... Huhu.. Sabar2... It only less than 1 m0nth for this suffering comes to an end.. Ok... Till then...

P/s: eh ada masa ni utk bca my blog =P bh sambung blik buat kaja arr... AHAHAHA

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  1. wahh bob, bekerja keras ko...hehehe study hard n smart aa...gudluck..



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