I'm ARACHNOPHOBIA!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I'm SO SO SO SO FCUKING AFRAID of spiders.... AHAHAHA but it depends on the size of the spiders and for its known vicious/poisonous. Most of Borneo spiders are not dangerous to human and that include house spiders. =D i will be freaking afraid if the spider is larger than the normal size which is measured 1 inch if stretched. Now, my sister has her new pet. AND it's A SPIDER.. Grrrghh... You want me to die kh? aha over... it's not a normal spider... i think it's poisonous.. it has black and bright orange color which as far as i know those insects with striking color is DANGEROUS. It's a warning. POISONOUS. but still she managed to get it though.. how cool it that? =S I should find one. NOT A SPIDER. Scorpion? Bee? =P

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