Sunday, December 14, 2008

First of all, i would like to congratulate my little sister for obtaining outstanding result in her PMB exam. Way to go girl! I’m so proud of you. I know you had done it at your best. I still remembered that I always pushing her to study when she was ‘wasting’ her precious time with ‘lepaking’ thingy. I also gave some advices and support whenever she needs it and same goes to my other siblings. Not to mention that I always scolding them whenever they done something which irritate and annoyed me. Hehe. It’s not an easy task to become a big brother and you know that you have some ‘responsibility’ to look after them. I may being so protective at times. I may asked many many many questions when they want to go out, like “Where do you go? With who? How many persons? Bla bla bla” the list continues. Well… Enough said. I may also not be a good brother for them but hey, I love them. =)

Yesterday, We (Chung, Nazmi, Acai, Fir and Sherman) went out for ‘lepaking’. Saturday’s night. This is the night that all of us waiting for. I guess. =P We went to Ahan Thai at Jubilee Hotel. Ohhhh I missed that place much! It has been ages we don’t go there. Once there, we just sat and reminiscing the place for awhile. Nothing much has changed. Love it. Suddenly, I saw one familiar face sitting next to us. Hm…. I don’t want to mention it here. Just want to let you know, ‘Tak selamanya selingkuh itu indah’. People may know it sooner or later. I caught you saw me by surprise. Hello~~ Brunei ini kecil. =)

Next, we went for a movie. Twilight. Eeerrrrrr….. the movie is suck? I give it 3/5. I don’t even know where the climax is. If they produce another sequel, I bet not many people want to see it. Well.. Maybe the movie is not my type after all. =)

Btw, I would like to thank for my chatters for inviting me for the gathering. I will try to come. So sorry that I didn’t come yg dulu-dulu atu. Sibuk saja yaw. =)


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