Endless night..

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Last night was super marvellous. I went out with Chin, Jason and Nora. We went to Q-lap and looking for a place to eat. We don’t like to go to Gaydong as it is difficult to find parking and many people go there especially during Saturday’s night, unless you want to spend more than 30 minutes in your car wandering around the area just to find a single spot. Anyhow, we went to Manjaro (spelling?) as our first destination. The place is nice and relaxing. There are many artworks hanging on the wall and the interior is a blend of western and a bit of Chinese. It was my first time to go there. The foods are great and worth every penny. We spent about an hour there. Then, we went to BSB for sightseeing for a while and off we went to our next destination, Mamih beribi.

The outside area was fully booked and it looked like they had a private function. We found a perfect spot just around the corner of the building and ordered some drinks. We were having endless fun, jokes and reminiscing the old great moments. Then, Jason went out for smoking. We continued our conversations when suddenly Jason coming out of nowhere with cakes on his hand. Gosh! Bari maluuuuu!! Last year pun udah ku kana… this year laaaggeee… kamu kambangggggg! Thanxxx guys!! Well at least inda ku malu sangat coz we also celebrate Chin’s belated b’day. =) I blew out the candle and asked if they like to eat the cakes at Pantai Jerudong. All agreed and we went to our final destination. We spent the rest of the night there, eating and enjoying the view of the sea. The weather was good. The sea was calm. I felt so peace. I also saw a comet! Lucky me! =). Hehe. I hope we can do like this lageee… another night, another story.

Only us... =)

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