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Thursday, December 04, 2008

It was so funny that I always fell asleep when I actually in the middle of conversation with others on my MSN the last two consecutive days. Hehe. I’m sorry people… can’t help it though. I think my eyes are just too tired coz I watched gossip girl the whole day. Cramp. The queen B is hot. Serena van der Woodsen also hot. Not to forget the erotic and romantic scenes. =) Few more episodes before I ended the first season and I need to get the full season 2 from Qis. Again. AHAHAHA. I thought the series is just so-so and not worth to watch it but it turns out the other way round. =P Enough with the gossip girl… xoxo gossip girl.

I went to Gadong this afternoon to buy things for myself. Then I saw Aiyuh at Jaya and we had a little chit chat. Then, I went to my aunt’s house to send some clothes for my brother because he sleeps over there with some of the cousins. No wonder I don’t hear any of their noises this couple of days. Peace. Serenity.

Oh… there is something bothering me right now. I keep thinking about my past. It was about someone. If you read this.. I just want you to know that I had apologized on what you had done to me a long time ago. We were not on the same boat. Hm…. To cut it short, I’m glad we are friends right now. You have your own life. I have my own life. I need to move on. Life is not easy. Hm…. Done.

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