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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Oops.. I’m sorry I didn’t mention about the Mr. Snake yesterday hehe… Hey Mr. Snake, I’m gladddd you were there with us =) and I’m also glad that it didn’t cause any serious harm to us… Snake snake snake… hehe… but we lost 4 pieces of chicken wings though… =P

I’m so so so hyper yesterday… My best buddies invited me to join them to have some fun last night… At first, I didn’t want to go coz I was so tired but I didn’t want to disappoint them… then, I received messages on my MSN and had a conversation with Jason. So yeah… after about 10 minutes of conversation, then I changed my mind and wanted to join them. They picked me up at 7pm and we went to Q-lap to have a dinner. Jason was the driver and he said that Bruneian drives like a dog.. AHAHAHA kejamnya engkoo… Mentang2 org Aussie.. AHAHA. Racist much huh =P but I’m not. Anyhow, the high class bitch also joined us that night. You guys know who I’m talking about… =)

After dinner, we went to the mall. Chin wanted to watch some movie and so did us. We booked tickets and lingering around the mall area. He seems doesn’t care about his exam this coming Thursday. Well… I know you… last minute revisions but still can scores high marks during tests and exams… hehe. Not to forget, always being a procrastinator at times like this =P. Oh yeah… the movie that we watched last night was the Quarantine. This movie is the best horror movie I’ve ever seen. I give it 5/5. This movie is not recommended for those who suffering from heart attack and those who don’t have the gut to see killing and bloods. THIS MOVIE IS GORE-RATED. You have been warned =). AND I HATE THOSE PEOPLE SCREAMING AT MY BACK!! They were screaming at the top of their lungs… kepisan. Sudah tah sound effect dri speaker, suara durang lagi pacah.. mati… bah.. go and watch the movie people.

Today, I got nothing to do except watching some TV series all day long. Gossip girl. I lurveee gossip girl. AHAHA udah atu. Bah2 kn liat ceta atu gi~~~ Da~~~.

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