Wooot!! they cooked?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Olla~~ I was having fun at Chin's house last night. Jason and Nora were there too. Jason and chin were planning to cook for dinner. I thought they were joking. They weren't. The australian chef is here! AHAHAHAHA They were making macaroni, beef stick and mushroom soup. I was like 'surprised' at first coz I really don't know they can cook that recipes. I just staring at them and eating some junk foods while waiting for them to finish it. For about an hour later, all the foods were served on the table. To my amazement, they REALLY DONE IT WELL. I ate two times. The macaroni was full with cheese~~~~ Yummy! So... what else can you guys cook? Pizza? Lasagna? I want! AHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry, no pictures. I just uploaded it on my fb =).

Eat... sleep... going out... eat... sleep... going out... huh.. that's what i always do during this holidays. No wonder the money laju surutnya. Sigh. It's not even in the middle of the month for god sake! Gosh! I'm not a shopaholic.. no... most of the money i spent it on food but still i don't gain much weight. I need to add at least 5kg. Not that I'm underweight. NO. I'm in the boundary line. *Sigh* I need to consume more carbohydrates. =)

Hm... the result will be out in less than 9 days from now. Huhu. Each and everytime I think about it, the more it scares me. Darn. Don't think about it right now. Go out and become a poklen for awhile. It sure helps you to release some tension. Exam. ARRRRRRRHHHHHGGGGGG!!! Can you stop thinking about it??!!!! I neeeeeddddd some space. I need some air. *berkantut* ok ok.. done. AHAHAHAHA

Till then... bubye~~~~ =)

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