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Friday, January 23, 2009

What a dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... I'm so so so tired.. can i stop the time so that i can relax for a while? I'm just too tired... tired... tired... sigh. Okay.. let's skip the boring part...

I had my lunch at Lamee serusop tdi. Sitting there alone with my handphone go online 24/7. The waitress came and give the menu to me. I can't remember the name of the dishes that I ordered but it comes with the coleslaw. I said to the waitress that I don't want the coleslaw. Just the nasi goreng and the crispy chinken. The waitress nodded and I just smiling at her. After about 10 minutes, my food was served on the table. I noticed that the coleslaw was there but i just acted normally thinking that she might had forgot it somehow. So I ate it and msn-ing with some of the friends so that I won't feel alone. eseh2. Then, after about 10minutes.. the waitress came back to me and apologized due to her mistook for giving me that coleslaw. I just said to her "It's ok". I just smiling at her. It was just a small issue. It's really hard to find people like her nowadays. Those people who admit that they have done something wrong and apologized. It's very rare. Then, I paid the bill and smiling back at the cashier.

I went to my car, opened the door and before I could closed the door.. someone hold it from the outside. Then i heard someone said to me "Sir, can you help me to push my car?". I looked at him. I was like... "WOOOT?" but i went out from the car eventually. Btw, he's a gurkha. So we don't have any difficulty to communicate in english. So we went to his car and i saw a white toyota car and his friend waiting on the road. We started to push the car but failed several attempts. Someone saw us and lend a hand. Then walla! the car's engine got started. Pacah lamakksss ku lehnya... AHAHAHAHAHA bru ja abis mkan.. trus2 tia nyurung keta :| AHAHAHA

So yeah... I'm happy though to help if it's not beyond my capability. =) I just smiling at them and went back to the car. We don't know if this thing could happen to us someday. Will there be someone willing to help us? Well~ I like brunei though... apa nya urg "Inda camah mata". eseh2...

bah eh.. mls ku smbung... bye.. ngantuukkkkk kuu bnarrr

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