Saturday, January 10, 2009

I slept around 1.30am last night. I'm always like this, when I'm on holidays. It's because I don't have many things to do other than msn-ing, fb-ing, and fs-ing. At least those stuffs can help me to kill the time rather than going out spending $$$ on unnecessary things. The monay also flowing out faster than I expected every time I go out. Sigh. I need to manage the budget more efficiently from now on. The whole world also affected from the economy crisis now. It was because of an increase in oil prices last year follows by many banks having problems or internal scandals. Anyhow, life is not easy. Sigh.

I woke up this morning at 7.45am, thinking that I am the first one to wake up. I was so happy then. But then when I saw the brother's bedroom is already arranged in order, I knew that I'm the one who actually the last one to wake up! Sigh. Oh well… I just have to enjoy this holidays with sleepless nights and watching some Korean dramas. =) Insomnia~ insomnia~ insomnia~~

I had this conversation with the superwoman last night and talking about how life would ended if there is no love around us. Eseh2.. nada bah.. =P anyhow, thanks for the tips. AHAHAHAHAHAHA

To all my ex-classmate, class of 2003.. There will be a gathering for us, which will be held at Alai Mardee's house on the 17th January. So yeah.. make yourself available for that night. =) *wink* If there is any changes.. I will inform you guys again… Hope to see you guys there!

Till then… bye!

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