Thursday, March 26, 2009

“Delinquent” huh?! What’s that supposed to mean? When I woke up this morning, that word somehow appeared out of nowhere in my head. I don’t know what its mean actually. Ahax. My vocabularies are limited and I got problem with grammars and etc. You can easily spot my mistakes here. =) *Err…. I failed my English Language several times. Ahax!*

Anyhow, maybe… or just maybe… it was related to my dream last night. I don’t dream usually. Its either I’m too worry or too tired, thus I keep dreaming weird weird thing this couple of days. Huh. =| Was it a sign that I should follow or find out? Hmm… who cares… it’s just a dream. Ahax.

I realise that you don’t go online on MSN anymore. Was it because of what I wrote here? Did it hurt you? Did you feel the pain? Ahax. You can block me though. I don’t care. =) Bunga bukan sekuntum. Eseh.

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