Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello world!

It’s been awhile I don’t post anything here. I was so buzy with my works. The workload keeps coming everyday and the boss is now on leave to Philippine for 1 week. Sigh. Expect loads of work this week. = Hmmmm… boring ehhh… some of the colleagues were already gone to somewhere else coz they got a better offer. I also had given my 1 month notice to the boss last Saturday. I thought he would be surprised to see my letter but after reading it, he said that he also expecting me to go soon since I got so many excuses for not coming to work to attend whatever reasons I told him before. Ahax. I actually like my current job. No dateline. No issues with fellow workers. But yeah… If you got a better offer and a secure job for your future, one would definitely grab the chance. Who doesn’t? hmmm… but…. I’m in dilemma right now. I don’t know which one is the best for me. Huhu. Some parts of me want to continue study but some part of me want to have a stable career. Sigh. Dilemma~ Dilemma~ Dilemma~

Anyhow…. I likeeeeeeeeeeeee my weekends! I met nora and chin last Saturday’s night at Capers. I miss you guys! Eseh. We had our great time together spending the evening with lots of stories and laughed. We mostly talked about careers. It gives everyone a big question mark when we talked about the future. What do you see in yourself will happen in 5 years time? 10 years? Or even 30 years? We don’t know… We only hope for a better future. That’s it. Hope alone is not sufficient. Planning and the will to change is the main part here. Yada yada yada… This is not a motivational talk or whatsoever. I just want to share and write anything that comes in my mind. =) Whatever action we take today will reflect what we will become in the future. =)

Oh wait… FB layout is changing AGAIN! Boringg~~~ Makin payah! Eseh. Nada lah… I like the new layout. Much much easier to navigate between the pages and I can see all the feeds update in real-time. Makin tah kaya ni owner FB ani. Ahahaha… Paksa tah ku buat social website sendiri ni… and as a start… nama website ku atuuu ialah “MUKA KITANI”. Short formnya, MK. Ruggeeeeet! =P

Bah.. chow chin chaw....

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