Life. is. like. a. roller-coaster.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Yessssssssssssss. Apparently I have 2 more days to spend the whole time at home. I guess. A little updates please~~~

Irene off to UK yesterday to continue with the study. Oh mannnn, I envy you! Really. She’s a good friend. Goodluck to you woman!!!

I think we have grown up too fast. Don’t you think? Still remember what we had written in a piece of paper during physics class 7 years ago? I already forget what I wrote but more or less my aims are fulfilling slowly. Never did I expect that I have come this far.

When I was in my upper secondary… I didn’t concentrate on my study. That was way back in 2002. Football. World cup! Football was my life back then. Studying was a shit. No offence here. I’m just writing my history. After all, it’s my blog. Ok ok.. back to my story. While everybody busy attending extra class, I was busy playing football in the field =| I hates science subjects so much, exclude biology please. Don’t mention it. HAHAHAHAHA. Then… when I was in form 5, things went from bad to worst. Everythings fallen apart. After I had broken my arm for the first time, I never really listened in the class anymore. Studying was not interesting to me. No Fun. I only came to school just to fill my attendance.

BUT… I have this self motivational thingy which buried deep in my root. Oh well… too bad I don’t lose it. HAHAHAHAHA. Oh oh wait.. I should credit this man for giving a wake up call for me. My principle. THANK YAWW! I never have a chance to give my gratitude to him. =)

Life. is. like. a. roller-coaster.


  1. awww~ banar tu bob. aku tulis kan jadi engineer bah bob.. p nda kesampaian ne~ uhu ='( But nevermind.. things begins to light up now. nanti ku gtau berita ku arah mu ah. ehe.

  2. Ok 2. Update2 ja nanti. Im a keen reader and listener. =))

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