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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hi ppl.

How was your raya so far? I hope it goes well for the whole month of syawal. I was VERY happy to see all the family members for the past two days at open houses. Though it was not a grand open house BUT what is important to me is family value. Somehow this value is decreasing nowadays. Some of us don't even know most of our relatives. Strange... But true. I'm one of them. Ahax! =|

Anyway, l like to mix my story in one post. Biar tia rojak. Oh, rojak KK Koya nyaman. Aha apakan.

I think woman nowadays is rock! Rock bebeh. They are the most complicated creature made by god thousands of years ago. *err.. except those people who think they evolved from monkey. Ahax!* I have many female friends around me... I think woman only 'evolve' not so long ago, back in 1950's when most of them received formal education. Now...their status are at par with their male counterpart. I envy you woman out there. *big clap* I have 2 female friends who work under one roof.

Atu aku ceta next post ja ah. Naleh wa ku taip dri hp =)

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