Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seriously, I can’t wait for december. Why? Because I will be having a great time at Singapore and… it’s Christmas and Boxing Day… good for shoppers. I only go for a sight seeing and looking for a cheap iPhone or maybe some other gadgets.

KOREAN DRAMA REALLY MOVES MY HEART. Eseh eseh. Tapi banar waaa… siok cetanya. Have you ever watch Boys over Flowers? It took me about 3 weeks to finish the movie coz I don’t have that ‘free time’. Saturday and Sunday are for leisure time… lepak2, pool, movies, flirting and etc. hahahahahaha.

Hmm… I’ve been questioning myself about my resolution for this year… have I achieved my goals? Yes… and no… yes, coz I have my job right now…. No, coz… *this text has been removed by the author* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Malas I mau gtau ehhh.. malo bah. HAHAHA.

Aku terkajut… Terkajut psal layout ku ani blum lagi ku ada masa kn ubah2… but I still find it suitable and ok lah utk msa ani…

I just can’t stop teasing you. =)

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