Hey Apple!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Yes.. you are an apple!!!!

Gosh.. today is so damn bored~~ the day is moving so slowly~~~ is there something wrong?? Are you hiding something from me? Are you having secrets? Come on… you can tell me. Hahahaha.

I have tons of movies/series/cartoons to watch! I LIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Gossip girl, Supernatural, Ugly Betty, South Park, Naruto and a lot of new series. Thanks to them. Now… I can watch it all day and night.. spending my whole weekend staying at home. Oh how cool is that? It’s cool, right? No? oh man… you should stay at home. Enjoy your good time with family. Really.

Erm… can I ask you something? How does it feel to be a loner? Are you lonely? Are you? You? Opz… are you lonely? Let me ask you again. ARE YOU? Oh mannn… I never thought that I feel so lonely. It’s random. Yeah. I know. Everybody do feel lonely~~ oh wait.. Am I missing something or someone? Erm… lonely is a BIG word. Erm...


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