It's a fun week!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The whole week is filled with joy and excitement!

- Liley had invited me to chill with some of our classmate in ITB, I expect a lot of turnout but only few of them showed up. Though, I was tired after work but I tried to spend the time with them. Never mind. We still had fun. Updating and sharing stories between us :)

11/2/2010 – It was afternoon, when I got a message from my sister saying that all of the cousins will be at Polo club for swimming. I was like… what? Then I called my sister on the phone, saying that I will not be able to go there since I wanted to jog that evening.. but then, my sister told me they wanted to make a surprise b’day for Mimie. I was like… OK! It seems fun with all the cousins there, I thought =) We were swimming crazily. Ini mcm! Then… Mimie got surprised when suddenly, the cake came out of nowhere when she was busy interviewed by me. HAHAHA. It was so fun with them! INI MCM !! (Y). *I wanted to upload the video.. but the SIZE of it is almost 300MB! Sigh!*

12/2/2010 – Sherman treated us at Seri Kemayan Restaurant for bOguSan and friends. Thanks!!! The foods were so damn good!!! Nyaman berabis!!!! Gila eh.. mun tiap hari ctu.. confirm aku makin gemuk. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. After that, we went to NBT for pictures. Each year NBT always do this thingy during festive seasons, they put some decorations on the hillside near to their showroom but for this year Chinese new year theme… I personally think it is a bit dull. I don’t know. Haha. Oh wait… IT’S THE TIGER YEAR!! I WAS BORN IN THE TIGER YEAR!!! =D

Our destination didn’t end there. Chin and I had to see our good old friend who is on vacation. JASON WAS HERE!!! But he went to Taiwan the next morning. Glad to see you buddy. HE IS PHYSICALLY CHANGED. KURUS. HAHAHAHAHA. INI MCM!! Oh oh… he has a girlfriend too! An Indonesian-chinese girl. Lawa. First love ni! Wish you and her happy always! :D

– This year, our house was chosen again by the cousins to celebrate CNY. Ini mcm!!! Starting from last year, my house slalu jadi mangsa utk sambut apa sja celebration. HAHAHAHA. Love you all cousins! :D

14/2/2010 – Valentine’s day? Erm.. I don’t celebrate it. Hoho. Sama sapa jua saya mau celebrate. Hoho. I don’t care what you guys are talking about me being single all this time :D coz I’M PROUD TO BE SINGLE. I’m HAPPY. I can go anywhere I want. I can do whatever I want. I don’t have anything to lose :p eseh!! EGO MUCH~~ I know~~ I am too EGO when it comes to ‘love’ thingy. Hoho. I will stay like this until ‘someone’ come into my life. =)

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