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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hello world!

Last Friday I went to ICC to see Arthur Yap. INI MCM!!!!! I didn't expect there is a lot of audience for a small country like us to bring one of the great guy who is good in giving motivational talk. I really need one, even Dr. Ee Ah Meng was sitting next to me =s

He talked about life… life is too short. Agree? Yes? We have little time for ourselves to enjoy life to the fullest. Yes? Most of us… wasting out time… work hard. Work hard until you reach 60 and die in debt. Err… sorry.. but it’s true though. I’m one of those people. Haha.

What if… you can spend the whole time at home and do whatever you want to do without worrying to wake up early in the morning to go work?
What if… you can take any vacation to anywhere in the world.. explore this world?
What if… you can buy big house… big car?
What if… you can have all the money in this world?

Everyone dreaming to become financial freedom. FINANCIAL FREEDOM.

You might say I’m crazy :) but… I AM CRAZY because I didn’t take the chance. Great opportunity only comes one. Yes? I joined the business early this month with 1K (see my early post this month, I said it there too). Erm.. 1K? Seriously… what is wrong with me? Nothing wrong, just CRAZY. Haha. The MOST CRAZY thing was when I got more than $700 in just less than 1 week. I don’t expect to get my modal back so soon. I mean… its CRAZY. Bah udah ku… krg kna ckap GILA sja. HAHAHA.

BUT… if you want to know more about it. You know how to reach me :) Call me. MSN me. Msg me. I will be there :)


  1. yawah bob.. bah tell me abt it when i got back nanti. btw, aku maseh di KL. i missed my flight last sunday. and.. will be back sometimes soon. i'll inbox u guys on fb. k.



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