Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Welcome JUNE 2010!!!!

Happy b'day to Irene! :) I remember you brought chocolate for us during BIOLOGY. Lol. That was 5/6 years? Lol. We were still cute and innocent that time *im still cute and innocent! HAHAHAHA*

So... how’s life? Life? Erm... life is good. So so. The most important thing is that I can blend my time between works and family. Family is my top priority. Sometimes I wonder if I have been a good son to my parent, a good brother to my siblings, a good friend to chill with... I wonder. Sorry if I’m not fallen into any of those criteria. I try to be good to anyone... but you can’t please anyone =)

I like train! I mean.. the song. TRAIN – HEY SOUL SISTER. I can sing crazily over and over again if I ever heard this song played on the radio or anywhere. I just can’t stop singing it. Err... and... i like justin bieber too. Okay. I know what you are thinking. He can sing better than you =) I only like his (baby and eenie Minnie) songs. Oh wait! I’m thinking to sing! YES YOU READ IT! I’M SINGING! LOL. I will be the all time loser. HAHAHAHAHA. Whatever~~ :p

I’m bringing the whole family to Philippines next month. Early july. The last time i went there was in 1993. That is a freaking 17 years!!! Surely I’m a total stranger. Alien. I only want to see them. Grandparent, uncles, aunties, cousins. They all! At least i know how they look like. BUT I THINK I ONLY LIKE SHOPPING!!! HAHAHAHA. Okay. That’s funny :p

Another day.. another story~

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