Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (7th - 9th August)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The idea of going to KK is actually not part of my plan this year. It was my office friend's idea and they invited me to join them. They had planned everything, first day till last day. I saw their programme. It was awesome! I joined them BUT on one condition... I bring my friends too. All of them went there by plane whereas me... I went by car. I want it to be adventurous! :D

One week before our journey begins... there was so many hiccups. I met Fir and Buzz, we talked about this. They were excited and I invited Milin too. I had to ask permission from his girlfriend. Don't worry; we have many eyes on him. Haha. Then, Pjul joined us; I was surprised coz their last KK vacation in June... He had to cancel it at the very last minute due to some cannot-be-avoided reasons. So yes... 5 of us confirmed. My car can only accommodate for 5 passengers. Hoho. Sherman secretly checked for air ticket to go there since we were going there during weekend. It was supposed to be a surprise for everyone coz they didn't know Sherman joined for KK trip but I guess... some info has leaked here and there... haha. No more surprise next time, ok? Hahaha. Nazmi was the last member to join *This...I am not surprise* (-_-")

Fir sikit lagi inda jadi ikut kami.. lalalalala~~ Seriously.. saya macam annoyed lah juga sama kawan awak (you know who) yang buat kita semua kelam kabut coz the next day tani kn jalan dah. I still remember we went to the airport to check for ticket and the counter was closed. We were only late by 10 minutes. Sigh. Then kami semua membawa rasa makan di Express Kiulap. Lama dah inda makan di sana and I ordered daging rendang. Inda jua aku abis makan. Boo hoo!

We didn't have any choice but to ditch Fir due to his incomplete business (biar awak weekend di brunei saja. HAHA). That night, we sleepover at Pjul's house. Eh jul, katil awak enak lah.. no wonder chin kan membali katil mu. Bagi tidur! Lol.

7th August – Our journey started exactly at 6am (though... actual planned was to leave at 5am. MY ALARM DIDN'T WORK! No single sound! Why? Because I set it wrongly! Damn.) Kami ambil Milin then singgah sekejap di tutong town. I withdraw some cash and off we went straight to Kuala Lurah. We reached there at 6:50am. Our passports and my car's form were checked and surprisingly it was done in less than 10 minutes. Walla! I drove all the way to Limbang Town and we stopped for awhile to see the currency rate. It was 2.31 hmm... Malaysia's economy is recovering. Malas tah kami kan tukar sal the rate di Sabah pun sama.

Oh... we received this message from someone...


MALAS KAMI KAN REPLY! KAMI HAPPY SAJA! BOO! HAHAHA. It was from Fir... it means he got the ticket and flies in the afternoon. See you in KK! Duh~ ;p

We continue our journey and reached Bangar at 8:45am. We had our breakfast at Hijrah Restaurant (Luruskah jua namanya atu...) makan, makan, makan. Kami sempat round-round di pasar and bali makanan ringan untuk di makan dalam keta coz after temburong.. we will go non-stop to Kota Kinabalu.

Kami bertolak dari Temburong at 10am... non-stop all the way to KK. Aku isi minyak keta full at the last station minyak before ke sempadan. Masa perjalanan ke sana... kami dua kali terjumpa dengan bangkai Skunk. DO YOU KNOW SKUNK ANI BANAR-BANAR BUSUK? EVEN IA JADI BANGKAI ATU PUN BAUNYA MENYUCUK-NYUCUK IDUNG!! GILA! Baik jua time atu kami pkai air-cond sja.. imagine tah mun buka semua tabuk kereta atu... confirm!!! Bau harum!! HAHAHA. I think ia ada di kawasan atu sal mungkin memang tempat habitatnya. Sal sekeliling kawasan atu durang menanam kelapa sawit. Amaze ku tu dari dlu.. The first time i went to KK was in 2006 by car... and masih lagi macam biasa.. banyak durang bercucuk tanam kalapa sawit atu. Bagus eh.

I drove my car between 90km/h – 110km/h. Inda kerasahan lah masa atu berjalan coz kami sibuk bercerita, beibun, ketawa2, nyanyi2.. haha. Pacah.

Tinggi-tinggi Gunung Kinabalu~ Tinggi lagi sayang sama kamu~~ (di repeat balik2 lagu ani sampai ke KK) HAHAHAHA.

Oh oh... I saw this advert somewhere... maybe at Beaufort. The advert is so big. It says "Satu susu, pelbagai kebaikkan". Lol. Dalam fikiran saya.. "okay... itu sungguh lucu!" HAHAHA. Whatever~

Siok-siok driving... we almost hit a small truck. The truck didn't give any signal and masuk simpang macam orang gila. Luckily, my eyes are always looking on the road. I pushed the brake hardly. ALMOST!! Phew! Luckily we were all using seat belts. May I remind you all... PLEASE WEAR SEAT BELT! That truck driver need to go another driving test. Gila. I thought our near miss accident ended there but hey!!! WE ALMOST HIT BY ANOTHER CAR. I think the driver was shocked to see something and the car skidded, it entered my way. I with full conscious have to turn away my car as far as possible to my limited side of the road to avoid the collision. Nasib!!! Bodoh betul lah driver itu. Grrr! My defensive driving skills got tested! Fuh!!

Then.. I drive constantly at 100km/h and we reached the outskirts of KK at 1:30pm. We took the long path coz we missed the big signboard *I blamed Buzz coz he didn't see the signboard. Lol* At 2pm, we were officially reached KK City. Thank god!

We checked in at Marina Court Resort Condominium. This is a great deal if you are travelling with many friends. The apartment has 3 rooms, living room, kitchen, and 2 toilets. Ini mcm (Y)! Moreover, it is near to Centre Point and many shops are within walking distance. Oh oh! Mc' Donald is just around the corner too! \(^_^)/

That night we only went to Centre Point Mall. I bought some shirts at FOS. Lawa2 bajunya! BTW, IT'S SALE OVER THERE!!!! Up to 70%! Gila. Don't think twice to buy. Eseh! I don't know when the sale period will end. Probably in September? I bought 2 comic books for my sister *sampat lagi ia pasan thru fb* oh talking about this... masa aku bayar buku atu... tiba-tiba sja Milin ani ckp sma cashier atu.

Milin: Ko cousin stacy kan.
Cashier: Bukan lah.
Milin: Ko org sini kah?
Cashier: bukan.
Milin: Aku org thailand.
Cashier: ????
Milin: Kalau ko ok bah.
Cashier: ????

*aku rasa ia makin paning, aku pun paning* HAHAHAHAHA antam!

On our way back to the apartment... we masuk to this shop. We thought it's 7Eleven. Sudah keluar... baru prasan.. IT'S NOT 7Eleven! Kana imitate. Haih. I was very very very tired that night. K-O. PENGSAN after went to Starbucks. We all stayed in the apartment for the rest of the night except Nazmi. He went to the bar. Our only bitch. Hahaha. What time did you reach the apartment? 2am? Lol.

8th August – Woke up at 8am? I am a morning person. I AM. I SHOULD BE THE FIRST PERSON TO WAKE UP BUT SOMEONE CUT MY LINE! Sigh. Everyone lambat bangun. Hoho. Ngalih. We had our breakfast, cooked by our very own special chefs... Milin and Pjul. MEGGI ATU KAMBANG PLG TAPI INDA INDA APA, PASAL LAPAR, SEMUA NYAMAN. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

That morning... we had to change our apartment to block C. Block C has swimming pool! We already plan to go there at night coz it still opened till 9pm. Then, we went to Warisan Square. I bought some donuts from Big Apple and we were waiting at Starbucks for a bus. I met my office friends there. Sorry guys! I didn't have much time to spend with you guys there. Sigh.

We went to 1Borneo in the afternoon. It's a one stop shopping centre. Almost everything you will find there. I only bought goggle there *so much for a swimming eh?* we spent a few hours there. If you plan to visit 1Borneo, spend 1 night there. Worth it! =)

Sherman has to go back to Brunei that evening coz the next day, ia kerja. Pjul and me sent him to the airport. Ehhh.. durang ada International Airport yang baru!!! RUGGED!!!! Bila RBA kan upgrade lagi? Lalalalala~

Do you have a hand phone with built-in GPS? This will be pretty handy if you are in the city and you do not know where and how to reach your destination. Having said that... I relied on my hand phone to go around the city. Thanks for the big screen... I can see the map clearly.

Oh... did I tell you about internet connection there? It's awesome! VERY FAST! The only downside is the price... they charged you RM5 once connected. Once connected, you can surf the web, unlimited till the end of the day. I spent around RM20 for prepaid card while I was there. Calling also cheap mahh!

That night? We went to swimming pool!! We owned the whole pool. Eseh! Tapi inda batah... 45minutes saja kali kami di sana pastu tutup tia. Lol. Janji aku dapat test goggle ku. Dududududu~

11pm... we went to Mc' Donald... again. I think I can't get enough of double cheeseburger. We tapau saja then makan di apartment. We watched the match between Manchester United and Chelsea. EH MANANG LAH MANCHESTER! Yg last goal atu? Hmm... bagus bangat!

9th August – I woke up shortly after my alarm at 7:30am! I was the first person to wake up! Woho! *bangga* I masak my pop mee and liat ceta "The Nanny". CLASSIC MUCH! HAHA. Awal lah juga semua orang bangun coz it was our last day in KK. We packing our staffs and off we went to Center Point. We did our last minute shopping there. I bought myself a perfume. PERFUME? Nyaman wah baunya. Lol. Seriously.. I don't use perfume... only deodorant. Maybe pasal perfume atu nyaman baunya and ada sale. Apa lgi? Bali saja tia (-_-")

Then, we went to Suria, the new mall in the city area. Not many shops there. We only went to Reject shop and few other shops (I can't remember the name). I spent a lot there =S maybe because it was our last day, you can only "just buy it!" mode. Hmph! It was a bit rush. Hoho.

We had our lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop. Sedap betul lah nasi ayamnya. Paksa makan heavy tu coz lapas atu kmi non-stop lgi driving to Brunei. After makan, kami sempat singgah ke kadai2 berhampiran... durang ada yang bali jam, baju, etc. Haha. Errr... saya rasa... mcm saya pndai sudah shopping! KAMU NI PUNYA PASAL! Bad influence... fir, pjul, buzzly and milin. HAHAHA terutama Milin, asal masuk ke kedai... confirm ada something yg ia bawa bawa keluar. Ini mcm (Y)! I heard awak bali smpai 10-12 helai baju. Setediiii!!!

At 3:02pm we went off to.... Brunei!! BALIK KAMPONG! Lol. I tracked my journey using my phone via Sportypal application. I want to see how far the journey is but it stopped when we entered lawas area... cloudy kli. Hmph! Masa balik.. inda kerasahan... coz mcm laju saja (90km/h – 120km/h) since we already know the road. Hoho. We reached Bangar at 7pm... It was a 4 hours non-stop driving. Aku minta tukar drive. Haha. Bukan sal ngalih.. tpi kan save my energy utk esoknya, coz saya kerja. Milin jadi driver lagi lapas atu. We reached brunei-limbang border at 8:52pm.

Fir lagi drive lapas atu... smpai ke sengkurong. Then, we singgah sekejap di restaurant sbalah IBB lama dlu. Makan satay, ayam penyet. Hoho. Lapar wah sorang2 dah.

Last sekali... smpai rumah Pjul at 10pm or 10:30pm haha. Nda ingat. Yang penting.. kan tdur ku sudah time atu. Lol.

Maybe this will be our last bOguS vacation for this year... we plan lagi lah for next year, ok? Hehehehe

Bah. Adios.


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