Monday, November 08, 2010

HTC HD2 is my first lover after my car... It will turns to a year older next month. I'm loving it. I'm not a gadget freak but I know some of the gadgets out there, so you don't have to try hard to intro it to me :)

It's not a "Nokia" world as we know it 7-10 years ago. Everyone bought a Nokia phone. Why? Because "it's Nokia". Everyone loves it, even when it was just a mono screen. Tell me if you still remember their famous model of 3310. Crazy~~~

I know.. I know... it's all depends on what resources and technology were available on that time of when they were made. Hola to a new world of gadgets!

We are now spoil by many gadgets around us... I am... too... SPOILED!

Talking about that... my HTC HD2 is still my favourite of all time. I bought it when I first landed at Singapore... It attracted me so much to have it than to have iPhone. I had done with many research and review about the phone and one for me :)

First couple of months it was cool... but then.. it changed my mood when Microsoft finally made a blunt decision not to support this phone with its new Windows Mobile 7 OS. I was upset and regretted. But it was not too long when I saw on Youtube, someone has Android OS in his HD2. I was like.... HOW CAN ANDROID RUNNING ON HD2??? Once again... I did my homework... research!

After couple of months reading their development of improving Android OS to run stable in HD2... Android OS 2.2 was available to the public last August. I was one of the HAPPIEST HD2 OWNER to actually try running Android on my phone!

I remember I stuck with my phone all day just to install and tested it... I had to format it again and again when it didn't work. Finally.. when I tried to give it a last try... it works! I went crazy over it all night playing with it!

Now... it seems i don't need to buy an Android phone ;) When Windows and Android running in the same device... it's what I called... A TRULY MONSTER PHONE!!! HAHAHAHA WTH~

Oh oh... my b'day is next month! Can somebody give me a present? It MUST be Samsung Galaxy Tab or Blackberry PlayBook? :'( I will love you till it break down :(

P/S: I saw Windows Mobile 7 OS running on HD2 at YouTube! ;)

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