My life 36 years ahead...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So... here's my statistics for my life... ahead of 36 years!

Here's the number of years:
Sleep = 12 years
Working = 7.9 years
Leisure = 4.9 years
Travelling time (during weekdays) = 2.9 years
Weekend + holidays = 8 years

okay... why am i doing this? I'm just curious how am i going to survive for the next 36 years of service. By then, i will reach 60 years and relaxing at home. Relaxing? I hope so. I've done my maths based on my current value. It's not accurate... but at least I know how my fraction of life is going to be in the next 36 years.

Looking at the chart.... i think my life is well balanced with work, sleep, leisure and holidays. But the truth is this is not what reflect everyday in my life. I think. Coz I can sense my pressure is building up over time. Because of work? maybe.

I don't like the travelling time.... travelling time & working already make 30% of it. It takes about 11 hours of my daily life. fuh! I only have 14% of my entire 36 years to spend with my family during weekdays... how amazing. No wonder i feel less and less time to spend dinner with them now. My weekend and holidays... just okay. But why SATURDAY AND SUNDAY HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG TO COME AND WHEN IT COMES, IT'S TOO SOON TO END????!!! GAH!!

Whatever~ my life. is. amazing.

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