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Thursday, February 17, 2011

This is my 284th post... woah! Seriously??? I didn't remember I have posted so many posts here not after mid-2009. Life is busy, okay? haha.

I would like to congratulate my little sister who managed to score on all her 'O' Level subjects. whew! 8 'O'. Salute. I only managed to score 5 but that's okay coz she still haven't reach where I am today. haha. She still have 2 more steps to go. 'A' Level and 'Degree'. Well, for most people.. they said 'O' Level is hard to score... *buzz* You know what 'O' stands for? It's stands for ORDINARY! Nothing to fancy about. You absolutely can scoreit. Try 'A' Level! :)

'A' Level is more tougher than 'O' Level. I still this remember this exact words from my teacher "A level is the hardest exam in your life." So true. Even when I had my exams in ITB, I still can scored high but not 'A' Level. Rest assure, with right attitude and guidance... You can score it! If they can do it, why not you, right? :)

My brother, Dkey, didn't manage to score in his 'O' Level but don't worry... you still have plenty of time and long journey ahead. I know he already did his best compared to 2 years ago. I suggested him to enroll to Technical College. I let him choose which course he likes to pursue and ensure that the course has continuation to a higher level learning. Hopefully he get accepted this time.

My other siblings... I really don't put so much focus on them coz they know what they want in life and I only give some advices when necessary.. like push them to continue study, doing small business and etc.

As for me... I'm looking for a new chapter. Life is unpredictable. I haven't decided yet what are my goals and what's what, but I hope it's a better future. Oh wait... is travelling can be counted as goals? Coz I want to visit all ASEAN countries... if possible. haha. I even sign up for my own travel blog at TravelPod.com hahaha


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