10 facts of his high school life

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

1) He was the smallest kid in the class! (form 1 - 3) awww! cutey cute!

2) He was not wearing any spectacle until form 3. Not a nerd! grr!

3) He used to walk around the school during 20 minutes of recess time. Fully utilized to wash his eyes!

4) A rebellious! He didn't like to wear songkok. do you like?

5) Asking candies or any small food at his friends without malu2! MWAHAHAHA

6) He used to like maths until an Indian teacher teach maths in Indian language! oh! pity me! :p

7) He has a crush with computer subject since form 1.

8) He used to smoke. Err?? My friends sponsored me! :D

9) He was a skater / hip-hop wannabe! yay momma!!

10) He had a crush with this girl and still has her picture hanging somewhere! hoh *crush? hmmm not anymore!* :o

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