What's new?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Okay.... what's new? 

Hmmm... Let me think.... for October updates? *long sigh*

It has been a really hectic month for me. HECTIC. I don't really have a good 8 hours of sleep nowadays. Sleeps deprive! Yes. You read it. 

You see... I don't really have a life after I continue my study which I did mention about it sometimes in September. I miss my routine jog which I always do 3 times a week but now I can merely have the time to run even just once in a week. If i did, I consider it as LUCKY!

It has been a terrible month for me… But I am grateful that I still survive it after 5 weeks! Two more weeks then, mid-semester break in December. Yay! I already booked my leave for almost 3 weeks in December to free myself and sort many unfinished business. Lol.

I know I can be stress at any time but I don’t think you have to make it such a big deal if you can handle it. Right? You just have to find a way how to fix it.

Don’t stress too much. Lets sing!

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