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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hi everyone!

How's everyone? I wish whoever read this post now is in good health and happy always! I always say my life is always busy! right? INDEED. Sometimes i feel i don't have time for myself. My life is always busy for 5 days every week. Weekend is sometimes fully occupied with assignments or some other works.

okay. let's forget about my life bla bla bla... lol.

Actually this post is about my things that i bought (Apple Macbook Pro and Merrell Trailshoe). APPLE?? seriously??? i know~~ i know~~ you may called me hypocrite since i posted on every social network sites how i hate apple so much. ANTI-APPLE to be exact but funny things are i have apple shuffle and ipad but i don't really use them. They are pretty useless for me. You may wonder why i bought macbook.

Why i bought macbook?
1) It's pretty cheap for hi-spec and good reviews by many people.
2) I can run my windows apps (at the time writing, i just finished my windows 7 ultimate few hours ago!)
3) I like the solid body... and it's keyboard.
4) Most importantly.... the battery! It can last me a good 7hours! AMAZING!

Anyway, forget about MACBOOK. Now i want to give review of my new shoe... merrell trail glove. It is one of the best barefoot (i think~~ but i still prefer Vibram if you want to feel almost barefoot experience). The new shoe also have some grips and feel comfortable during my usual run. It gives more space for my toes to move freely inside the shoe (it feel weird somehow as i get used to Vibram). LOL.

My my... i love this two!

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