Is blogger still exist?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What do you guys think of the title? I don't know if there are many people still using blogger to blog since there are many competitions today such as micro-blogging twitter. Most people spend most of their time on Facebook. right? 

Will the trend changing? Remember what happen to Friendster? We can't deny that technology advancements are keep changing. Friendster used to be the top 3 social site back in 2003 until Facebook came. Everything change when Facebook take control of the social web. Don't mention about Google+, it was a failure.

I like to talk random things in my blog. Lol. 

Yes. I just update this blog to keep it alive. pff! I do have a life.


  1. i moved to a secret diary. lol.

    1. HAHA! i actually googled for it! hahahah

  2. hahah. banar~ manual diary. lol. aku baru buat wordpress bob.. masih sakai la. u can link me? ;)

    1. sudah ku re-link! will consider to move to wordpress since ada ia punya apps ara android. maybe 2013! hehe

  3. awu ada on Android! hehe. aku link blog mu sudah.. but napa ya nada kluar arah my list of blog i follow atu ah.. will figure it out sometimes soon~ lol



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