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Thursday, January 24, 2013

There are so many things in my mind right now. If there’s anyone who is going to write biography about me, it will be in 3 books compare to others. LOL.

We’re now in the 4th week of January and I am always busy every day. Be it at work, uni or at home. Time is running fast for me. Sometimes I lost count of what day it is today or the date. I don’t really have ‘me’ time. Pff! I can’t wait for this ‘busy’ life of me to end especially for my study which will ends in August/September.

I’m listening to Coldplay at the moment. I usually listen to house/R&B/pop but I don’t have specific preferences. Thus, I can listen to whatever music that’s smooth to hear and can ease my mind.

For now, life has been good. Thank you, God. I’m VERY grateful. I’m grateful and appreciate for all the things I have right now, be it in good or bad time. Though…. Some of us take it for…. granted.

I try to limit myself from spending too much time on social networks. I know I keep telling myself over the years, yet nothing improve. Oh well~ We like to plan everything in our life but don’t plan too serious or it will hit you in the face (expectations kill!).

I need to be ready with my 21km training. It will be my first attempt for this year. Good luck to me!

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