I love S4!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

First, let's see the comparison of specifications between my old phone (left) and the new phone (right):

I bought my HD2 in december 2009 and after almost 3.5 years being faithful to me, its eventually replaced by my new phone which is Samsung S4. Reason? my HD2 usb connecter is no longer working and cannot charge properly. I still keep it and thinking to buy a separate external battery cradle for it since its still working fine. Hardware wise, its a big jump for me. Worth all the penny to upgrade from HD2 to S4. 

Actually.... i was thinking to buy HTC One. It'sa a great phone! I was in love with it when i touched it first time and it gave me that awesome premium feeling when I hold it in my hand. I don't think there is any phone out there that can beat its design. Not even iPhone. Everything looks awesome but... its camera that let me down. I know it's a new technology so called "Ultrapixel" by HTC but it didn't convince me much. I praised the phone able to take photos more clearer than any other phone at low light environment but when i took photos outside and during the day, it didn't give much details compared to iPhone and S4.

Then, i decided to go for Samsung s4... why?
- faster processor!
- can take pictures simultaneously using front and rear camera
- gestures and sensors (though most of the time i disable it to save battery)
- bigger screen
- bigger battery size
- custom roms!
- many accessories available! (i had difficulties when looking accessories for HTC... not much are available here).

It has been more than 2 weeks now i'm using S4... it's an AWESOME phone! :)

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