The journey so far...

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

It has been an awesome journey so far for me all these years. I’m grateful and blessed. I saw a video on YouTube the other day which made me realized that it is gratefulness that makes someone to be happy, not the other way round. You’re happy coz you’re grateful for something happened as expected or unexpected.

For this year alone, I have made some major history for myself…
-       * Completed my first 21km in 2hours 25mins (SCB half Marathon)
-       * Completed my 2 years degree in IT
-       * Got promoted at my work
-       *Went to many islands (bali, phi phi, maya bay and etc). I’m an island lover.
-     *Help my parent to renovate the house. It has always been their dream to extend the house since I started working.
-     *Completed my 10km run at 174th out of 550 participants (last year was at 190th).

I know I may have miss some but I’m grateful to God and I put my faith to Him, as He knows what’s for me.

If I’m sad or negativity starts to get into me, I count my blessings to remind me that my life is not so bad compare to others.

Sometimes the best advices that you give to others are the one that you should listen and do it.

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