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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Sunday is beautiful. My life has been busy for several weeks. I can see the trend never changing especially towards the end of the year where everyone is busy to close their own tasks and targets, not to forget on top of our duty… endless projects!

I love my job but I feel like to go out from my current job. Maybe I feel like I’m at my comfort zone. I want to see new environment and to experience other options. I also ever thought of quitting the job and buy a one-way ticket and find a job at the place where I landed. HAHAHA! Yes. I can be too dramatic and drastic!

Nevertheless, life is good overall. I’m blessed of what God has given to me. I can’t thank Him enough. I’m grateful. Whenever I feel upset, I like to remind myself... it’s just a bad day, not a bad life. God knows better and He has better plans for everyone.

Now we’re in the middle of November, and I’m already anticipating myself to attend awesome music festival in Jakarta next month. Woho! Can’t wait for it! I even do countdown everyday. Hahahahaha!

Keep calm and enjoy life!

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