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Monday, March 24, 2008

Yes! No jamz today, since this is the first term holiday for primary school, secondary school and some colleges.. I left house at 10minutes to 7am... I saw Miya in green car just passing the traffic light.. Serius jua miya :p

Safely parked my car and looked at the lady next to my car. cuci mata kajap :p she put on her lip gloss x.. then took a minute or two to hear Pelangi FM.. Itz suck lagunya pagi2 atu.. trus ku kuar and menuju ke lecture hall?

Lecture was good.. Next week we have AP test.. the 1st test for this semester.. Dr. Sophiana talked about our 1st assignment... bla bla bla... then, she asked about dynamic relationship among us (there are 66 humans in my class).

"Do u have any problems with it?" The class becomes silence suddenly. We see each other face and smile~ :P Seriously.. we dont have ANY problem *in denial* ahaha... then someone shouted at the back "Puak-puak miss". aha? hm... i agree and disagree on that... There are many "PUAK-PUAK" exists there since the first day i entered to that room... But i mingle and talk to them... :) me,myself and i also not belong to any "PUAK-PUAK" coz i dont want to stick to one group only... Yeah.. I'm on my own... but who cares? I have GOOD friends around me... i got nothing to lose... :) but those who are not belongs to any niche, i dont blame you... this is a cruel world.. so choose your friends wisely... Dr. Sophiana also talked about this TV programme that she likes to watch... i can't remember the name... but im sure it is a good program coz its somthing like against DISCRIMINATION... learn the word :) let this world a better place to live :)

Liley, nana and me went to the mall.. we lunch there... Jeff! Ringan dah ketaku sal ko inda gi ikut :p ahaha... Bila ko treat kami? hehe... Fuh~ ramainya manusia di sana... mentang-mentang holidays~ eh eh eh... npa pigang2 tangan atu? hellew~~ mun rasa-rasanya masih kulah menengah blajar2 tah dulu... jgn tah kan showoff yg kmu atu CINTA SEJATI mcm PINANG DIBELAH DUA *Spit* ahaha... relax2 tah... lau sudah rasa-rasanya gatal.. why not kawin? inda jua susah-susah kamu tapuk-tapuk kapit sana kapit sini.. lau kamu kawin... siang malam bekapit pat mana-mana inda urg kn peduli... ahaha..

We got a good conversation tdi waktu di keretaku.. i almost lost control wa driving tadi ahaha... luan iski x dgr ceta sal atu :P blame to Buttermilk chicken ahaha...

To my point of view, aku rasa baik plang brunei ani adakn "SEX EDUCATION" implemented in secondary school... Don't you think so?

Show this sign to all your friends :) spread the love~ ahaha

Thanks to Nisah for this keychain :)

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