Nice ships... shame about the sailors

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mail on Sunday
April 6, 2008
Christopher Leake

THEY cost [pounds]750 million and boast state-of-the art military equipment, including missiles that can destroy enemy warships 20 miles away.

But these three 2,000-ton patrol boats bought by the billionaire Sultan of Brunei have never seen action - because the tiny oil-rich nation in South-East Asia has no one with the experience to sail them.

The 311ft vessels were expected to operate from Brunei's main naval base in Muara and play a key role in protecting Brunei from the threat posed by Islamic terror groups in neighbouring Indonesia.

But after being built by British defence giant BAE Systems at the Scotstoun yard near Glasgow, the warships have put just a few dozen sea miles on the clock ...


I only copied part of the article... if you want to read more cari sendiri ahahaha... heran bin ajaib napa nada urg yg expert untuk sail the ship... hm... advance berabis sudah the ships... ada sapa2 kan cuba jadi captain?

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  1. Bob... banar tu. the vessel is too advance. I heard the Armed Forces is suing the company. Ive meet some of the 'becoming engineer' for the ship nya durang terlampau canggih sama the Navy does not have man power to steer the ship. I guess its true then...



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