Tuesday, April 01, 2008

AP test was ok yesterday. I'm hoping it to pass since it was the first test for this semester... I wrote all the coding but when I reached the last questions.. Im totally lost... but I give my best shot.. I guessed.

Azwan, Dirah, Nisah, Qish and me went to Mc'D for lunch kemarin... Oh.. long time not been there.. I ate double cheese burger and fries... Nothing much to talk during lunch hour since everybody filling their hungry stomach.. PC expo just started at The Mall... Im looking for a mouse but ended at the booth selling notebook memory... 1GB of RAM cost only $40.. uh.. cana ni.. upgrade or not?
In the afternoon, I went to Tutong to send my sister for her tuition class.. While waiting for her, my mom and me went for a shopping... Uh.. I hate shopping... Then we went to GS Restaurant for dinner... i tried the salad chicken... itz tasty... I really like the food...

I was so sleepy last night... then off to my bed at 10pm... then at 11.15pm I terkezut and terbangun... I tried to go sleep again.. it was useless... my eyes keep open and my brain suddenly overloaded wit my own thought... Then i looked at my hp.. It was already 2am in the morning and im still awake!! Geez... my brain is killing me softly... do you know that if you dont have enought sleep, some of your brain cells die.. and if it dies... you die...

Today, we dont have AP practical.. I just stalked some of the local bloggers... :) my blog really messed up... skajap melayu skajap omputih... ahaha.. biar tia eh... itz my blog.. silent! I KILL YOU! :P

Will Manchester United win the next match?

Chicken Salad...

Surfboard for everyone, selling at Promart Tutong..

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