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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Where are all the chairs gone? Anyone? Every morning we usually gather at the concorz (sp?) while waiting for our lecturer to come into the room. Now the concorz area is left empty as it is haunted by lost souls. I know ITB is a creepy place… but in the morning?

It was learn that the concorz is left with rubbish, cans everywhere and food stuffs on the table by the students who were there last Saturday. The cleaners made complaints to the admin and then walla! No chairs… Come on’… I don’t want to point to anyone but itz everybody there to make sure that ITB is clean and a healthy environment. We are no longer in primary or secondary school… It’s a higher institution people

Last year, ITB set a rule to close the campus at 10pm. Before, it is opened 24 hours… Why was that? The tutorial rooms are filled with food stuffs and they left the room without throwing all the rubbish they made earlier… I also came across when the lecturer came into the room. After that, she left the room a few seconds later.. then she came in again and said “Ani ITB kah? Kenapa macam sekulah menengah ni?”. Oh helew~~ She tarus2 mad at me… I looked her with so much anger in me and left the room… I just entered the room to look for my friends and suddenly she came out of nowhere and mad at me… WTH??!!! Nasib baik cikgu ugama.. lau inda eh~~ ahaha…

Why I keep listening to all these old songs for the past few days? Huhu… it reminds me of the old times… huhu… I miss you, my boo~~ *sigh*

“There's always that one person that will always have your heart,
You never see it coming cause you're blinded from the start,
Know that you're that one for me,
It's clear for everyone to see, Ooh baby,
You will always be my boo”Usher&Alicia Keys

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