Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Semua HP mlm ini hendaklah dimatikan. Menurut Metro TV, pada jam 11mlm ni, akan ada gelombang radiasi yg besar sgt berbahaya kpd manusia. Yg akan tertangkap oleh semua HP & PEMANCAR. Bg tau semua kawan2 jgn letak HP dkat kepala. Please FORWARD.."

THIS IS A STUPID S.M.S THAT I EVER RECEIVED... To those who believe... Please dont hesitate to throw away all your HP and any other radiation-emitted devices like laptop, macrowave and etc.

I dont see any logic behind this NONSENSE message. Futhermore, YOU ONLY MAKE DST AND B.MOBILE GAIN PROFIT... If this thing happened to be true, DST and B.Mobile will inform to us... ani ada kan? duh~

And.... and.... my fren pun ada ckap yg ia kna FORWARD msg pasal ILMU HITAM dri INDON. Oh Please~ They go hi-tech sudah oh~~ Tatz new... They also undergo EVOLUTION eh? Is this another 'ONE MISSED CALL' fraud or watever that is... More important... YOU GUYS KENA TIPU!! ahahaha FCUK BANAR YG BUAT KECOH2 ani....

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  1. helo there. yup i received the same thing about the ilmu hitam thing. and i've clarified it's a hoax. read this --> http://www.darulmakmur.net/2008/05/15/sms-santau-panggilan-bernombor-merah-cuma-hoax-semata-mata/#more-142



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