Nissan 350z

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I l.o.v.e this car from the bottom of my heart... Slick+awesome... will put this in my wishlist :P paksa tah ku bebaik ni sama bill gates... more info about this car, click here.

Mostly the ladies go for LEXUS IS300 or Hyundai coupe... but IS300 looks perfect for the ladies... :)

Enuf about the cars... this morning, i went to ITB for our SDP project... So far so gud... yes.. we make a good teamwork... Even tho tests and assignments coming up.. but this final project shud also be a 'top' priority for us... hope everything goes well along the way... to juniora, gud luck with the exam papers... NO PAIN, NO GAIN :)

I also read today's newspaper... i read the opinion page... and.. and.. i found this opinion about the UBDians... i found it to be interesting.. no? you guys shud read it... :P

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