Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday~ Monday~ here i come~ oh~ oh~ oh~ atu LAME~~~

Letz see what i've done today:

1) Canggak ucingku yg bising2 di luar
2) Tandang kepala anak urg di hwo ho mall manggis tadi sal nada kan di buat
3) Langar keta di dpanku tadi waktu parkin di ITB sal aku mo space yg luas sikit

Har har har... itz beyond my imagination... :P

"The truth is out there" eh? sounds familiar... yes.. itz from this alien bla bla bla X-File featuring Agent Mulder and Schully... i read a bout them on the newspaper saying that they will reunite again and make a new comeback with "The X-Files: I Want to believe".. yes.. i believe that aliens do exists and somehow i can feel it when 'they' near me... AHAHAHA.. ok.. back to our mission... and Agent Mulder a.k.a David Duchovny also said "God, what a great love affair." er... they were both fall in love back in 90's during the long shooting session but it turns out they not married together... so back in action.. who knows this love triangle still exists :P

We got MWA test this afternoon... oOOOOooOOOOOoohhhhhh~~ hopefully we can get thru it... itz not an easy test... the coding.. the function()... the bla bla bla...

Interim report need to be done around this week... nsib baik 5 pages hehe... Then, lots of test for next couple of weeks:

9th June - DB test
12th June - CDC test
16th June - AP test
NAM test - to be confirm...

urgh.... bila kan tani cuti???!!! wait... ada cutikan? btw, nyaman tadi pulut panggang yg dirah, qish and nisah buat... har har har... tapi knapa ada urg ckap "Eh cna kan durang gulung2 pulut panggang ani?" AHAHAHAHA kmu buat bnar2 kh atau ~~~~ :P

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