Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lotz and lotz are happening each day... one day, there was a typhoon and the next day, an earthquake... next next day, a war between bla bla bla... the lists go on forever... or we come to apocalypse?

A typhoon hit myanmar on 2nd may which already accounted at least 80,000 fatalities with a further 56,000 people still missing... cholera outbreak... more people died... support came too late coz the junta juz opened the territory last week after a talk wit UN chief... a lot of people suffering from it... huhu kesian eh...

China also got hit wit the earthquake recently... children were mostly killed... yes.. parents are also affected... why?? coz most of them only have one child... remember.. the 'one child policy'? cruel isnt it? luckyly no earthquake at the 3 gorges dams... tat wud bring much pain to china... nevertheless, olympic will start at beijing on 8th August 2008 (8.8.8) lucky number eh?

Im not a reporter... i just want to share wit you guys ja. btw, there is 50% discount at Macrojaya(sp?) Sengkurong till this 31st may... wat else? oh yea.. welcome to blogosphere for my sifu bOguS EoN.. hehe.. i will be buzy tiz june... will not update this blog very often then... :)

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