Happy B'day to MOMMY & Dkey...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Happy b'day to my mommy and lil bro.... moga dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki.. amin... My sister and I went to Mum backery at Q-Lap to buy a birthday cake... By the time we get there... ramai sudah org berpusu2 kuar masuk... we bought a tiramitsu cake... nyum2 :) I also bought foods for us to eat in the car since we dun hav time for breakfast this morning... A lot of foods and nyum2 eh compare to Mum Backery at Tutong branch...

Then, we went to supa save to buy 2 BBQ chickens... malas kan suruh my mommy masak for the lunch... LOVE YOU MOMMY AND LIL' BRO... eh.. bukan gi ko little brother... c tuha sudah!!! AHAHAHA


This afternoon, i chat with my cousin and are planning to visit Ulu Temburong Resort during this holidays in june... it was nora's idea but i dun think it gonna happened coz most of us buzy with assignments.. huhu.. but end of year... MESTI JADI KE K.K hehe... it reminds me of our first visit to ulu temburong study center 6 years ago... it was really fun and exciting... the waterfall... the canopy walk... the hanging bridge.. oh~~ i wish to go there again... more info about this resort, click here.

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